5 Things To Do In Melbourne, Australia

5 Things To Do In Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, the hipster capital of Australia. Don’t count that as a bad thing though. It’s full of great brunch spots, quirky alley ways, street art, events, and heaps of places to chill out. It’s my favourite city in Australia for a good reason, mostly because of the food. If you’re ever heading down under to Melbourne, be sure to check out these things while you’re there:


Cafes in the Laneways

Melbourne is full of hidden-gems in the laneways, whether it’s quirky shops, hidden experiences, or cute little cafes. I recommend spending some time in the morning strolling through the laneways during the work hustle and bustle when the city wakes up for the day. Besides, if you don’t have brunch in Melbourne, you’re doing Melbourne wrong. My personal favourite is The Hardware Societe. It’s not so much a hidden-gem, rather a quite popular one. Get in early and you won’t regret it, it’s cute, kitsch and delicious.


Yarra precinct

Hop just over the Yarra from the hustle of the CBD and find yourself relaxing around the Yarra. There’s loads of restaurants and cafes with river front views along the promenade where you can people watch and sip on some wine. Take a little walk to the Botanic Gardens to escape into a garden wonderland and forget for a moment you’re in the middle of a city. Or check out the art gallery. The art gallery of Victoria is huge has a wide variety of art and there’s always an interesting exhibition to scope out while you’re there.


Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

Us Australian’s like to abbreviate things, you’ll hear the Melbourne Cricket Ground referred to as the MCG, and even that’s too long, so sometimes we just simply refer to it as ‘The G’. If you’re not an Aussie, and you’re in Melbourne during footy season, you should 100% see a footy match at the MCG. Don’t be too confused as to why we call it football but they hold the ball in their hands, I don’t know why either. In the summer you can catch a cricket match, and don’t worry, they don’t all go for 5 days. Check out the Big Bash, whish runs over December and January for a fast paced, entertaining version of the game. Otherwise if you’re not so into seeing the sport, you can always do a tour and learn a bit about it’s history, and even go out onto the oval itself.


Hosier lane

If Melbourne had to be famous for something other than brunch spots, it would be street art. All you have to do is check out Instagram and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll find street art plastered all over Melbourne, but if you want to go to THE place, go to Hosier Lane. Take a candid insta pic in your hipster outfit and you’ll fit right in! Don’t worry, everyone else is doing it too!


City circle tram

The City Circle tram is a free (yay!) tram line that loops around the Melbourne CBD. Like a hop-on-hop-off bus, but tram version, and in a really cool old style carriage, you’ll be taken around Melbourne to most of the important sites. It’s a great option for tourists to see the city. Grab the map and audio guide and learn about all the points of interest. You can see sites all over Melbourne such as Captain Cook’s Cottage, the Aquarium, Federation Square, Docklands, and other areas of interest along the way. It’s also a great way to get from one end of town to the other if your feet can’t take anymore walking after a day of seeing the city.


Heading to Melbourne? What are you most looking forward to, let me know in the comments!


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