5 Things To Do In Stuttgart, Germany

5 Things To Do In Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart has a special place in my heart. In 2015 I spent some time studying at uni in this city and got to know it pretty well. While it might not be the top tourist destination in Germany it’s still a beautiful city and full of life. I was lucky to be there coinciding with Fasching / Karneval, which brought everyone out and about all over town for a few weeks to celebrate. It was loads of fun dressing up and drinking a little too much Glühwein (definitely recommend visiting at this time). But moving on, I’d like to share some of my favourite things to do in Stuttgart if you ever get the chance to visit!

Explore the surrounding towns

Stuttgart is surrounded by small towns and suburbs. Spend a day hopping on and off the train to explore new areas. My favourites are Bad-Cannstatt, which is the oldest area of Stuttgart and has a lot of history and festivals, depending what time of year you visit. Another one of my favourites is Esslingen, a small town on the Neckar River, it’s very ‘German’ looking and has lots of interesting landmarks. And if you want to get a bit interesting, you can visit Reutlingen, home to the narrowest street in the world, which is 64cm at it’s narrowest point. It’s definitely worth going a bit out of town to see the surrounds of Stuttgart.


Stuttgarter Markthalle (Stuttgart Market Hall)

The Stuttgart market hall is home to so much delicious food you’ll come back with enough food for the next week (almost). Fresh fruit, cakes, bread, cheese, condiments, and everything that you could want in your pantry is there. Stop by on your way out to get some food for a picnic and you’ve got a very delicious and tasty lunch.


Stuttgart city library

There are a few libraries in Stuttgart, so don’t get confused! I’ve seen this library on instagram, and on lists of the best libraries in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s modern, airy, and feels like a library from the future. Definitely worth stopping by to take a quick snap and look around. There are even some books in English. It’s only a few stops away from Stuttgart main train station on the u-bahn so it’s easy to get to.



Königstrasse is the main street of Stuttgart and where all the shops and happenings are. Spend some time browsing the shops, check out the little side alleys, and spend some time in the main square, Schlossplatz. Some of my favourites were the book shop Wittwer, homeware store Depot, tea shop Tee Gschwender, and Lang bakery and Konditorei, which is full of delicious German treats.


Schweine-musuem (pig museum)

Have you ever wanted to go to the largest pig museum in the world? Now, I’m sure it’s at the top of your to-do list, and guess what? You can do exactly that in Stuttgart. There are pigs in all shapes and sizes, from a giant pig tram to cute plushies, and even pig figurines getting up to some kinky mischief. We were told there are over 40,000 pig items in the museum, which is crazy! If you’re into quirky things or want to boast about going to one of the weirdest museum, I would recommend this one.


BONUS – Ritter Sport Factory

While this isn’t in Stuttgart, it’s one of the closest capitals you can reach the Ritter Sport Factory from. Waldenbuch is about an hour by public transport or half an hour drive from the city, and is totally worth your time to go. If you’re a chocolate lover like me, this might just be your slice of heaven. And if you haven’t tried Ritter Sport yet, do yourself a favour and get your hands on some now! They have THE BEST chocolate in all sorts of flavours like yoghurt, cornflakes, and interesting seasonal flavours every year. You can do a factory tour, go to the museum, and visit the Ritter Sport shop to pick up some blocks of deliciousness.


So, let me know. Have you ever been to Stuttgart, or is it on your travel list?

5 things to do in Stuttgart

What to do in Stuttgart
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