(behind) The face of Dot Punkt

The face behind Dot Punkt

Hi there! I’m Hayley, a millennial from Australia dabbling in the world of blogging.

I am a marketing grad who’s finding my way in the world. Since I was little I’ve always had an interest in websites and blogging and have tried my hand at it many a time back in the day (I’m talking about you Piczo and Tumblr… are they cool anymore?).

I’m an optimist at heart with belief in all things in moderation (except chocolate, because there is never too much chocolate.) I enjoy travelling, socialising, board games, eating, reading, music, languages, organising, and naps. That’s me in a nutshell.

Join me on a journey of making life fab and embracing all the good stuff.

What you’ll find here

Dot Punkt is a journey for both you and I to make life fabulous.

I’ll be posting about travel (because there’s nothing quite as good for the soul like travelling), lifestyle inspiration, and learning. Keep an eye out for ideas, inspiration and knowledge to help you make the most out of life.

Why Dot Punkt?

Dot Punkt (pronounced more like dot poonkt). It’s simple. But also because I’m a bit of a language nut and wanted a bilingual blog name, it means dot dot, with ‘punkt’ meaning dot in German.





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