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How To Make The Most Of Your Commute

How To Make The Most Of Your Commute

Commuting is just a part of life for most of us, and I envy those whose commute is ten minutes. For the rest of us who have a commute of 45 minutes, an hour, or even more that’s a big chunk of time! My commute is 45 minutes, twice a day, sometimes up to 6 times a week. That’s 9 hours, a whole nights sleep, or time to do something productive.


So, instead of staring out the window or scrolling through your phone, what can you do with that time? It’s time to start making the most out of your commute.

Prepare your day

Big day ahead? Plan ahead. Plan out what you’ve got ahead of you, your to do list for the day, your goals, and a plan of action. Putting it just in your head isn’t enough (and if you’re like me you’ll probably forget half of it). Jotting down your to do list and goals or making note of them in your phone makes you more accountable for them.



It’s a great time to zen out and read a good book, and 45 minutes is plenty of time to get stuck into a good story line. If you’re not into novels there’s also short stories, and this is something lots of public transport providers have been on boarding. I recently read an article about short story vending machines in the Paris Metro, what a brilliant idea. Alternatively you can try audiobooks, a good way to pass the time while someone does the reading for you. Audible has heaps of books to choose from on their website that you can pop straight on your phone for your commute!



Podcasts are great, and there’s a podcast for just about anything. Take the time to brush up on some knowledge you can whip out on pub trivia night, or catch up on the news, learn about a murder mystery, master a new language. There’s something for everyone. Think about it this way, if you learned something new every day from a podcast, you’ll be a walking encyclopaedia in no time!



And I’m not talking about Candy Crush or Clash of Clans. I’m talking apps that get you thinking. It’s the perfect time to brush up on your French on Duolingo, oui oui. Or maybe you have a test coming up and want to practice using flash cards on your phone. And there’s always Khan Academy so you can learn about just about anything you want, through your phone. There are so many apps that boost productivity on the app store, you might never need Candy Crush to kill time again.


What do you do on your commute to make it productive? Let me know in the comments below!