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Gift Ideas For The Minimiser

Gift Ideas For The Minimiser

Minimalism and decluttering is becoming more and more popular. And that’s a good thing! But when it comes to gift giving, sometimes it can be hard to give something that doesn’t ‘clutter’. Forget about the wine glasses that have ’21’ on it, and the teddy bear that has your photo in its t-shirt, here are some gift ideas for the minimiser.


Buy something you know they will get use out of. Consumables are a great way to do this because quite often people like things but they don’t buy them themselves. Things like candles, nice chocolate, liqueur, tea, fancy body lotions, and bath bombs are great presents that anyone can get use out of.


When you’re stuck for ideas a voucher never fails. If you know where your friend likes to shop get a voucher for there. You might be helping out with the weekly shopping or an outfit they want to get for an event. Whatever it is it means they can choose exactly what they want. If you’re still a little stuck generic vouchers that cover a range of stores are a good way to go.

A meal out

They say the way to the heart is through the stomach. I definitely agree! Spend time together over a nice meal. Take them out to their favourite breakfast spot for a lazy brunch. Or out do a fancy restaurant for dinner. You could even book a high tea, or high coffee, yes that is a thing now, Google it! Whatever you decide, no one can say no to a good meal!

An experience

Rather than something physical, get your friend something they will remember. An experience is a great gift (one of my favourite type gifts) to give because you’re giving great memories, and my opinion that’s better than any physical object. Here’s a tip, buy two you can even join in too. Double the fun! Some ideas include:

    • An escape room
    • Meet the animals at the zoo
    • Tickets to the theatre
    • Membership to the art gallery
    • Bike riding tours
    • Winery tour
    • Concert tickets
    • Something Adventurous (eg skydiving)


Weird, but just wait for it. Plants are an easy gift for anyone, whether it’s flowers or a little succulent or a terrarium. Pop into the local florist, and pick up a pretty bunch, easy, right? And they’ll look and smell amazing! Alternatively you can buy a succulent, they’re low maintenance and will survive anything (even I’ve managed to keep mine alive). They make a cute addition to any home.


What non-physical gift would you like to receive? let me know in the comments! 


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