Why You Should Do An Internship

Why You Should Do An Internship

I completed two internships in my final year of university, and they were one of the most valuable things I did in conjunction with my degree. I would recommend doing an internship to anyone as they provide you with valuable experience you won’t get from just rocking up to class. There’s loads of benefits that you might not have thought of, so it’s time to spruce up your resume and start looking for internships.


Doing an internship gives you access to a range of new contacts. These are people who have been in business for years, and know what they’re doing. Not to mention, they have access to even more contacts themselves! This can be super valuable for you with the potential to work with that business in future, if they hear any news on the grapevine they can let know you about any more potential opportunities, or you can simply ask them for advice or if they know of any positions suitable for you.

Practical experience

While uni teaches you a lot, it doesn’t really simulate the job you will get at the end. I found myself sitting in classrooms understanding the meaning behind things but not knowing how it actually works. Until you get your hands on practical experience through an internship it’s hard to get a grasp of how you do things. While it might sound simple from a textbook, putting things into action in a job with real businesses is very different.

Resume building

As you go through uni and get closer to looking for a grad job, resume building becomes more and more important. Being able to have practical experience and talk about it on your resume looks great! It shows that you’re proactive and are willing to take on challenges. Any experience you can get might just give you the edge over other candidates applying for the same grad job. So, anything you can do to stand out from the crowd is a good thing.

Potential to get a job

Internships can often lead to future opportunities. If a business happens to have an opening in your field and you’re interning it’s a great way to get your foot in the door without the job hunt hassle. Or once your degree is complete you can always go back to the businesses where you interned to see if any grad jobs are available. Already having experience with a business means they know how you work and you may just get lucky!

Dabble in your future field of work

Doing an internship in your field of interest will always have value, even if you don’t like it. The saying goes try before you buy. The same should go for your career. Doing an internship can help you find out what you want to do. You might absolutely love the field and want to continue growing in it. Or you might find that it’s not for you, and its better to find out sooner rather than later.


What do you think is most beneficial from doing an internship?


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