Why You Should Study Abroad

Why You Should Study Abroad

Studying abroad was a highlight at uni for me. I was able to study in both Germany and Japan and it was Amazing. There are loads of options to study abroad, from a full year exchange, semester exchange, summer school, and short 2 week study tours. While it might sound scary venturing off to a new country, where you don’t know anyone, and might not even speak the language, fear not! Studying abroad is an awesome experience and something every student should consider while doing their degree. Here’s why you should study abroad during your degree.



No doubt, the people you meet while away will become a highlight of your time abroad. You’ll meet students from your own country, other countries, and host country. You’re all the same age, all doing the same thing, and chances are you’re going to bond pretty quickly over that. These are the people you’ll be living with, studying with, and going on epic weekend adventures with. Whatever you’re doing you’re going to be making awesome memories with awesome people that you’ll want to stay friends with for the rest of your life.


Resume builder

Study abroad experience looks great on a resume! It shows you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone, and that you’re open to new horizons. You have some life experience, living out of home and fending for yourself in a foreign land. It’s also a good talking point at a job interview, just don’t mention all the nights out!



Living out of home across the globe really makes you become who you are. Apart from having to do the boring things for yourself, like cleaning, washing, and tidying, there’s lots of fun stuff! You can go out when you want to where you want without anyone asking any questions. Your dorm room will be your zone for just you so you can make it exactly what you want it to be. It’s the time to develop your person and learn to just rely on you.


You’re young and free

While you’re young and have no commitments you have no excuse not to travel abroad! When else will you be debt free, with minimal rent, have loads of free time and holidays, and nothing to tie you down. Make the most of this time before uni finishes and commitments and adulting starts.


Learn the language

If you’re a language student, or keen on learning a new language, this is the best way to do it. There’s no better way to pick up a language than immersing yourself in it. You’re forced to learn it without really putting in the effort. You’ll soon pick up common phrases from train stations and shops from your every day life. You might even be able to strike up some small talk with the locals. The longer you stay, the better. And try to not revert back to English just because it’s easy. If you put in a little more effort to speak and understand the language whenever you can, it’ll do your skills wonders.


Become a local

You know you’ve become a local when you’ve been to the gym, cinema, and become a regular at the corner café. There are some things that you do while living in a city that you just don’t do as a tourist. Get to know the place you’re living and live how the locals live to really get to know a place. My best feeling-like-a-local moment came when a German lady asked me about how to get somewhere on the train, and I could tell her exactly where to go, in German!


Get a loan from the government

Every country will be different when it comes to this, so before you read on I’m speaking in reference to Australia. As an Australian student studying overseas you’re eligible to apply for an OS-HELP loan from the government. You can loan around $6,800 and over $7,000 if you’re studying in an approved Asian country. What’s not to love!? You can receive two of these loans during your degree, and it simple gets added to your HECS debt. We can deal with that later. Now you’ve really got no excuse to not go! You can find out more about the details of OS-HELP and how it can work for you from your uni’s international study centre.


Have you studied abroad? Let me know what your best experience was! If not, would you study abroad?


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Why study abroad
Why study abroad


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